Council Resource Sharing for collaborative sustainability

Transform your Council from “unfit to fit”

CouncilFirst enables councils to facilitate successful resource sharing with their neighbouring councils.

Resource sharing enables councils to gain access to the skills and experience within the participating group of councils, under agreed joint venture arrangements.

Significant efficiencies and economies of scale can be achieved while delivering strategic objectives for each organisation. Councils retain their autonomy, and only pay for the services they receive.

How we assist councils to resource share effectively

To save you time and cost, we have developed a practical resource share model, with legal documentation available for you to amend for specific suitability to use with your group of councils.

CouncilFirst provides a common, easy to use business system that everyone can use from council to council. With our deep understanding of council operations, we also provide strategic business advice on achieving efficiencies for long-term sustainability.

We can provide you with information about Resource Share capabilities, best practice examples and the success of outcomes delivered.

We can also introduce you to council leaders who can discuss their knowledge and experiences.

Examples of common services that can be resource shared

  • Animal Control
  • Asset Management
  • Building Permit Authority
  • Corporate Finance / Management
  • Development Engineering
  • Environmental Health
  • Governance
  • Information Technology
  • Operational Works Planning
  • Payroll and HR Services
  • Planning
  • Plumbing Permit Authority
  • Rates
  • Technical Design and Investigation

Case Study

In the past financial year in Tasmania, over 4500 hours of common services were provided and exchanged between four councils. This resulted in cost savings of approximately $660,000.

With the formalisation of a Common Services Model and the commitment of councils to the Joint Venture, it is projected that up to another $880,000 could be saved this year. Mid-to-large size councils can expect more significant results.

Councils from the Northern Territory have now joined the Tasmanian Joint Venture to achieve the benefits of resource sharing.

Substantial ground work on shared services has been undertaken by Professor Brian Dollery at the Centre for Local Government at the University of New England NSW, discussed in his book Councils in Cooperation (Federation Press). Many of these principles have been successfully applied by Brighton Council, as evidenced by the Tasmanian success.

Ron Sanderson, General Manager Brighton Council, pioneered the initiative and is available to talk directly with other councils interested in developing their own model. Professor Brian Dollery is also more than willing to have a discussion.

Contact us today to discuss your business and resource sharing needs.