Role Tailored Design

CouncilFirst utilises the Microsoft Dynamics role tailored user interface design, allowing each council worker to have their own home page, designed around their own tasks. This is a result of the Role Tailored user interface mapping to the tasks which that worker needs to perform, instead of mapping to the structure of the database.

The Accounts Manager’s screen will look dramatically different from the HR Manager’s screen as each will have an overview of the information relevant to their own tasks. This allows each user to quickly locate the information they require to focus on their own duties.

This role-based navigation reduces complexity by promoting areas of the application that are relevant to your role. Removing from immediate view those areas of the application that you seldom need reduces the amount of information that you have to sift through.

The CouncilFirst user interface design enables you to:

  • Focus, prioritise, and apply your expertise
  • Visualise and understand key data
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend searching

CouncilFirst provides a number of different role centres for users with different jobs. Your administrator assigns the roles and can customise the Role Centre to ensure that it presents the information you need for each staff role.